Get Organized

What do you do when it is too cold outside to cast a fly?  You get organized of course!  Organizing your fly boxes is also a great time to take inventory of what you have and what you need to tie more of.  Can you ever have too many flies?  I don’t think so.  Everyone has different ways they like to organize their things.  Here are a few of my boxes that I got around to straightening up during our most recent period of subzero temps.


Dries and Nymphs

While getting organized, I often like to think about the places I would like to fish throughout the year.  I think about what time of year certain flies work best.  Sorting through my still water patterns got me excited for kicking around in my float tube, chasing tasty perch and chunky ‘bows.


Still Water

Sorting through my hopper and salmon fly box reminds me of much warmer days.  Every spring, usually in late May or early June, the Salmon fly hatch goes off.  Fishing the salmon fly hatch does not require a lot of technical skills, but it can be a lot of fun.  It is one of the few times of the year that big browns will come up from the rivers depths and actively feed on the surface.  As summer really starts to heat up, throwing hoppers can provide some of the most exciting fishing to be found.  There is something awesome about watching a big trout slowly rise from the depths of a pool and inhale your hopper.


Stoneflies and Hoppers

My carp flies remind me of walking the flats in search of a good mud line.  My first carp of 2012 came during the first week of March.  I am hoping to catch one even earlier this year.  I plan to focus a lot more of my time this year on chasing carp and really improving my carp fishing skill set.  More than anything, I’d like to land a carp over 30 lbs this year.


Carp Treats

The temps here in Eastern Idaho are finally starting to warm up a little and I have been able to get out and do some fishing again.  Thank goodness the trout don’t mind the cold.  Cabin fever seems to set in all to quick when I am not able to be out on the water.

August Photo Mashup

I’ve gotten a bit behind on updating my blog in the past couple of weeks.  I don’t really have any real reason other than I have spent a lot of my summer vacation fishing and not thinking much about it.  Although the weather has been unseasonably hot, the fishing has remained very good.  I’ve finally been able to make back out to the South Fork of the Snake River and fish are taking hoppers very readily.  The cooler weather in the mornings and evenings has been providing great streamer fishing for large trout.

Hopper Time

Great Colors On SF Browns

A Decent SF Bow

Another Close Up


A Chunky Brown

Decent Cuttie on the Hopper

More of the Same Brown

# 1 Reason I Throw Streamers

Smiling for the Camera

Cutties Love Meat!

One Heck of a Crazy Hatch and I Only Saw One Fish Feeding

Chris With a Nice Sized Cutt

In Case You Were Wondering…This Is How You Straight Arm a Fish

A Fat and Healthy Wild Bow

The Fish Were Loving the new Streamer Pattern Chris Tied Up

Chris With a Cutt that Fell for a Little Foam Hopper

Chunky Hybrid…Couldn’t Resist a Swinging fly

One Beat Up Fish…Notice Half Its tail is missing

A Beautiful Hybrid and my Last Fish of the Float

I must say that these cooler nights and shorter days are beginning to get me excited for fall fishing.  Fall provides some of the best fishing of the year.  The fish are doing all they can to fatten up for winter and will readily hit a well placed streamer.  Cooler weather helps the trout become much more active again and fishing can remain good all day long.  Chris did a much more thorough write up on our latest trip.  Check it out on his blog at