Field Testing


Tying flies is a great way to relax and prepare for your next time out on the water.  I like tying a lot of different types of flies but my favorite flies to tie are definitely big and beefy articulated streamers.  It seems they are nearly impossible for a big trout to resist.   Although I love tying flies, my favorite part is the “field testing”.  It’s hard to beat the satisfaction that comes from catching a pig of a fish on something you tied up.  Field testing helps me quickly determine which flies I should tie up more of in the future.  Unfortunately, not all flies are created equal.  Despite how awesome the finished product may look while in the vice, there are certain patterns that just seem to work better than others.  The fish don’t really care how awesome your fly looks to you.  They care about how much it looks like a baitfish or a sculpin.  That’s all just part of the fly tying experience.

Tying Time


Something about red drives the fish crazy

Black and Red- A Deadly Color Combo

Zonk Strips Also Add Great Action in the Water

Field Testing

As I mentioned in my last post, school is now back in session.  My priorities are on my schooling and education, but I’ve still been able to manage a couple trips out in the past couple of week.  Both trips provided excellent fishing and we were able to land a decent amount of quality fish.  I’m blessed to live in such a great part of idaho.  World class fishing is just a hop and a skip away in almost any direction.  Out of all the patterns I’ve been messing around with lately, the olive, cream, and olive/black barred zonk strip color combo has been the most deadly.  I have fished it almost exclusively for the past two weeks.

First Cuttie of the Day

The fish are starting to be very active in the “classic” looking streamer water.  The cool weather has started to turn the fish on to their fall feeding habits. Low water has exposed a lot of the ledges and holes that are covered by water for most of the year.  Wading is also becoming much easier just about everywhere.

Another Aggressive Cutthroat

A Little bit Bigger Than Average 

The fish below was a lot of fun to catch.  I threw out on the far edge of a deep pool.  As I slowly stripped my streamer up to the edge of the hole, this chunky hybrid nonchalantly came up from the depths and inhaled the fly.  It was a blast watching the whole thing go down.

This Chunky Hybrid Fell Victim to the Black and Red Combo

Chris caught and hooked up with a couple of really nice trout on this trip too but we weren’t able to get any good photos.  One of the main reasons was because the net was too shallow and the fish jumped out of it at the last minute.  That fish had some serious shoulders on it.  Another fish was smart enough to run down through a canal head gate which put a quick end to the fight.  We needed some photographic proof that Chris had indeed been out fishing and at the end of the day he hooked into this chunker.  He was a little anxious to get a picture snapped.

Chris With a Good Sized Cutt

I was also able to get out and fish with Josh for a little while a couple days ago.  No real big fish but the little brownies were pretty good scrappers.  It’s always funny seeing an eight- inch fish with your four-inch fly hanging out of its mouth.


Last night I had the chance to go out and do a little more field testing on some chunky browns.  Once again, we didn’t land any monsters, but these fish had some serious shoulders!  I also had the chance to test out my new Cabelas waders I got for my birthday and I love them so far.

Chunky Little Brownie

Sparsely Spotted

Last of the Day

Fall fishing is pretty much in full swing now and it’s only going to keep getting better.  Cooler weather is in the forecast for the week and this should help the fish get even more active.

Better Late Than Never

This post is a mixture of a few different reports over the past couple of weeks.  Last weekend camped out near Henry’s lake and fished the opener.  Fishing was much slower than years past.  The fish had moved off the banks and the weather was not helpful at all.  It snowed three inches the first night we were there and the wind blew hard the whole day.  Josh ended up landing the only fish that our group was able to catch from the lake.  I lost one and Josh also lost a really nice brook trout.  We decided to head somewhere else close by and try our luck.  There were a ton of people at this spot and it was combat fishing at it’s finest.  With that said, we still landed over 150 fish between us in the couple of days we fished it.  To top it off, 90% of those fish were caught on dries even though we were fishing in the middle of a blizzard.

Another 18″+  Brook Trout

This is Supposed to be the Start of Summer?

Since Henry’s Lake was fairly unproductive from the banks, we decided to end our trip early and headed home.  The Henry’s Fork is really starting to turn on so we have been fishing it a little more lately.  The last couple of trips provided some great dry fly action for big trout.

Josh With a Good Brown on the Henry’s Fork

A Golden Stonefly

Chris With Lower Henry’s Fork Rainbow

Another Lower Henry’s Fork Bow

As much as I love fishing the Henry’s Fork, I am ready for a change of scenery.  I am hoping to get out a couple days this week in search of some big carp.  Nothing puts a bend in a fly rod like a monster carp can!

It’s Almost That Time of Year Again

The forecast for the next few days is calling for temperatures in the upper 70’s and 80’s.  It is hard to believe that it is still April.  I don’t remember the temperature getting above 70 until the middle of June last year.  Not to mention how rainy it was last spring.  I think it’s coming close to the time that most of our rivers will start to blow out.  It’s the one time of year that fishing can get pretty tough on the rivers, mainly because it’s hard to find somewhere to fish.  But it’s not all bad news.  It also means that a lot of the lakes should start turning on pretty soon.  It’s also time to start chasing carp.  With that said, my friends and I have been hitting the rivers pretty hard for the past couple days.  My school work has taken away from a little bit of fishing time but I can’t complain at all.  Yesterday we went up to the Henry’s Fork again and had another pretty good day.  We didn’t catch any big fish but they were all healthy and put up a great fight.  By the end of the day we landed around 20 between the three of us.  Pretty much all the fish were caught on orange glo bugs.

Kyle and Gabe had a Double

An Average Rainbow Trout For The Day

Today I had a lot of homework to get done so I wasn’t able to get out to the river until 6:00 PM.  I was worried that the water was going to be off color but when I showed up it was still pretty decent looking.  About 15 minutes later I hooked into my first fish, a healthy cutthroat  around 15″.  A few minutes later I hooked into another cutt, this one quite a bit larger.

The Best Cutthroat From Today

I continued fishing the run for a few more minutes and hooked into one more fish but he got off pretty quickly.  I decided to work my way up river and try a new spot.  A few casts in, my bobber slowly started sinking really slowly and I thought I was snagged up again.  Its pretty easy to get snagged when fishing egg patterns so close to the bottom.  I yanked up hard and what I thought was a snag was actually another really nice trout.  He gave a few solid head shakes and shot straight out of the water.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a good hook set and he got off the line on the jump.  Now I’m 0-2 on catching the monster trout  I’ve been looking for from that section of the river.  Hopefully the third time will be the charm.

Watch Out For Sharp Teeth