Warm Fronts

Sometime last week I said that I was done night fishing for the year unless a good warm front came through.  Well, earlier in the week we had a warm spell and night fishing was back on my mind.  My buddy Gabe was coming up from Utah for the weekend and I thought to myself, what better way to get  the weekend started than a little night fishing.  I had planned on hitting our usual spot but decided to try elsewhere when Chris showed me another potentially awesome location.  Chris and I scouted it out earlier in the day and found the water looking just as awesome as expected.  We only threw a few casts because both of us had places to be.  We did each land a fish, which was a good sign for the trip back.  Chris wasn’t able to make it last night, but we were both pumped to see what beasts would come out to play once the sun went down.

Gabe rolled in to Rexburg around 9:30 PM.  We got rigged up and wadered up at my apartment and headed off to the river.  In case anyone was wondering, walking through a thicket of bushes in the dark is a rather intimidating experience, especially when the area is known to be thick with moose.  Despite my scouting of the trail earlier in the day, it took us twice as long to get to the location, but we finally made it there around 11:00 PM.  The fishing was a little bit slow at first, as it usually is when fishing a new spot.  My first set up wasn’t getting any love so I switched to a new pattern I had tied up the day before.  It was nearly pitch black so I decided the bigger and darker profiled fly would be easier for the fish to see in the water.  A few casts later and I had hooked into my first fish of the night.

At first, I could not really tell how big the fish was.  He ran pretty good for a while and then he rocketed straight out of the water.  That’s the first time I’ve ever had a 20″+ brown jump out of the water.  They usually dive straight for the bottom of the river.  Anyhow,  I could tell by the splash that it was going to be a big fish.  I searched around for him with my headlamp and was able to catch my first glimpse.  I started hollering like a mad man for Gabe to come over and to bring his net with him.  The fish made few more runs and  eventually tired out and I was able to land him.  After a little celebration and snapping a few pictures we sent the big guy on his way.

My Biggest Brown Trout To-Date

Quite the Kype!

My happy bucket was more than full after landing the fish.  We kept fishing the run for a little while longer but thought it’d be best to head downriver a while and let the hole rest.  In the process of searching for the fish with my headlamp, I spooked a whole lot of other browns.  They aren’t too fond of the headlamp shining in the water.  We fished the lower end of the run for quite some time without much luck.  Gabe had a couple of hits but they were short striking the fly.  45- minutes had gone by and we figured we could head back up the best part of the run again.  A few minutes later, Gabe hooked into his first fish of the night.

Gabe’s Brown Trout

We continued fishing for another hour or so but didn’t have any more luck.  There is one thing that I attribute to us catching any fish and that is the use of a stinger hook on the flies we were fishing.  Both fish were barely hooked in the corner of the mouth by the stinger hook alone.  This means that the fish were really short striking tonight.  Stinger hooks are a great way to eliminate the problems you get with short strikes.  The fishing never did turn fast and furious but we were both able to catch a fish.  Night time is when the big boys really come out to play.  This past warm front was enough to get me out again and I’ve decided I’ll probably keep night fishing until it is too cold to do so.


It’s always fun catching a fish that you are not expecting to catch.  I had this happen a couple times in the past few days.  The first was on a river that generally pumps out loads of 12″-14″ bows’ and just as many whitefish.  First surprise was a 12″ or so little cuttie.  It was a beautiful little fish and definitely and unexpected catch.  Second surprise was a chunky bow that was showing off some beautiful colors and a mini kype.

Pretty Colors

Surprise number three happened this evening.  I went out to a stretch of water that holds a healthy population of brown trout in hopes of hooking into a big guy.  I caught plenty of browns but none of them were over 16″.  I headed down to another run that has been productive before in the past and got to swinging.  The top end of the run was a little slow but as I continued working my way down things started to pick up.  I felt a couple short taps so I gave the fly a quick twitch and that was enough to get the fish to commit.

Surprise Chunky Bow’ From Tonight

The chunky bow’ put on a good show and was definitely a bit of a surprise.  I continued working my way downstream in hopes of catching a big brown but it wasn’t meant to be tonight.  No complaining from me though, I’ve been lucky to catch some great fish this year.  I’ve had my fair share of surprise catches this year and it’s always nice to land something you aren’t expecting to.

Now Open

I know I’ve posted about it a couple times already on my Facebook page but I thought I would throw it out there again.  I will now be selling a few of my favorite flies for anyone who is interested.  If local, you contact me directly and I would be more than happy to meet.  For everyone else, I have an online shop on Etsy.  Click the link to go to my online shop Fish Hunters.  To see some of the patterns I am offering and to find the link to my Etsy shop, click on the “Shop” Tab at the top of my home page.  I love streamer fishing and the flies I am selling are the patterns that have produced best for me.  All flies are hand tied by me.  In this post I will be doing a short spotlight on one of my favorite streamer patterns – The Black and Red Peanut Envy Variation.  This fly has brought more large trout to hand for me this year than any other fly in my box.  It can be fished a variety of ways and that is why I like fishing it so much.  If I am not sure what to tie on, this is my go to streamer pattern.  Plain and simple, fish love it!

 Peanut Envy Variation 

It Works Great for Hungry Browns at Night

Chunky Bows Love Them Too

Fall is one of the best time’s of year to throw streamers.  The fish are aggressive and less wary than other time’s of the year when it comes to hitting streamers.  As fall starts to really settle in the fishing will only get better.  Don’t get caught on the river without a few meaty streamers!