Year of the Carp

A few years back I set out with a goal to learn all I could about catching carp on the fly.  Carp have always been an intriguing species to me, mostly because of their massive size.  My first experience with fishing for carp came sometime around the age of 8 or 9.  I was blessed to grow up in a neighborhood with several fishing ponds.  Most of the ponds had bass and bluegill, but a couple of them had a small population of very large grass carp.  Day in and day out, I did all that I could to try and catch these wary fish.  I tried every fly in the box.  I even went to several fly shops around town in search of carp flies, only to discover that they didn’t really exist at the time.  One of my old favorite shops in Boise, Anglers (the Orvis shop) had an employee that gave me a handful of flies he had tied up for carp, free of charge.  I don’t recall his name, but I am still grateful for his generosity.  Even these flies couldn’t fool the picky grass carp, although they would have been very effective for their less picky cousins!  Eventually I discovered I could catch them by tying a clump of grass onto a bare hook with Monofilament line.  Yes, it was technically bait fishing, but as a young kid I didn’t really care.  I just wanted to feel the pull of a massive three-foot fish on the end of my line.  Now, some fifteen years later, I can say with confidence I know how to stick carp on the fly just about anywhere in Idaho.  I’ve fished all over the state, in a variety of different situations.  Some very technical, others not so much.  In the near future, I plan to do a feature on several different places to fish for carp in the state of Idaho.  Enjoy some photos of my carp fishing adventures thus far in 2015. The Snake River: IMG_2107 IMG_4746_2 IMG_4751 IMG_3187 IMG_3199 IMG_3226 IMG_3265 IMG_3281 IMG_3296 IMG_3366 IMG_3428 IMG_3411 IMG_3425 IMG_3882 IMG_3889 IMG_3903 IMG_3946 Photo Jun 24, 8 59 25 PM Utah IMG_2364 IMG_3435 IMG_3482 IMG_2400 Utah Carp Blackfoot Reservoir IMG_2945 IMG_2996 IMG_3142 IMG_3025 IMG_3041 IMG_3099 IMG_3105 IMG_3180 IMG_3181 IMG_3182 IMG_3317 IMG_3154 IMG_4849 IMG_4867 IMG_4899_2 IMG_4919 IMG_4944 IMG_4973_2 Lake X IMG_4593_2 IMG_4550 IMG_4522_2 IMG_4500_2 IMG_4491 IMG_4295 IMG_4291_2 IMG_4448_2 IMG_4248 IMG_4232_2 IMG_4219 IMG_4201