The In Between

March is always a bitter sweet time of year for me.  Spring officially makes it’s entrance and winter slowly begins to fade away. Winter has always been one of my favorite times to fly fish.  Cold weather keeps the majority of anglers at home.  Cold water did the fish good after how hot things got this summer.  Water levels are maintained at lower levels and most rivers become a wade fisherman’s paradise.  This winter was one for the books.  Chris and I had many days that will be remembered for years to come.  The ensuing warmer weather means Salmon flies, hopper fishing, and carp tailing my favorite flats are not too far off.  Forty-five degrees and sunny feels more like seventy.  I found myself wet wading one of my favorite carp flats just this afternoon.  It wasn’t completely loaded with fish yet, but there were enough active feeders to keep things interesting.  Slightly warmer water also means trout are a little more willing to chase down a streamer.  March has provided some great fishing experiences, with everything from carp to night fishing for feisty trout.  Until Spring decides to arrive in all it’s glory, I’ll continue to enjoy the “In Between”!

IMGP1175 - Version 2

Wild Rainbow 


Not Wild Rainbow


Scar Face


Another Wild Bow


Mr. Brown


Rubber Leg Eater




Back in the Drink


White Tips


River Gold


Ringing in Spring Fishing

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