Happy New Year…Ya Filthy Animal

Happy  New Year!  I thought I’d celebrate by ringing in the New Year the best way I know how…fishing!  Eastern Idaho is notorious for having sporadic and at times extreme weather.  One day will be clear and sunny, and the next will be a complete whiteout with 60+MPH winds.  You never know what your going to get in Eastern Idaho, so it is always important to plan accordingly.  New Year’s week happened to have some of the strangest weather I’ve experienced in a while.  Wednesday was extremely foggy, Thursday offered beautiful blue bird skies, temps in the mid 30’s, and very light winds.  Perfect conditions for winter fishing.  Friday was almost unbearably windy.  In fact, it was windy enough that many parts of the river were running upstream.  60 MPH winds tend to do that.  Saturday was bitter cold and once again, very windy.  Although fly fisherman might complain about less than desirable conditions, the fish never really seem to care how nasty it is out.  If this past week is a sign of things to come, I think it’s safe to say 2014 is going to be another phenomenal year.  Here’s a few pics of some of my favorite fish from the week.


Second fish of the New Year


Pixelated Selfie

photo 4-3

Velociraptor Trout


Beautiful Wild Rainbow/Cutthroat Hybrid


One Hander


First Two-Footer (plus a little) of the Year!


Another Crappy Selfie


Last Fish of a Brutally Windy Day


My Favorite Fish of the Week

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year…Ya Filthy Animal

  1. Gregg Martin

    I sure do like to see those pretty, and pretty large, trout. “First 2 footer….” I’ve only caught one wild honest 2′ trout in my life, on an obscure tributary of Silver Ck. that does not suffer fools. Life is good for you-keep it coming.


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