The Mighty Worm

Right now, it is hard to believe that the temperature was pushing 50 degrees just a couple days ago.  In the last 24 hours, almost 10″ of snow has fallen at my house.  Last night I shoveled the driveway and you can’t even tell.  It’s back to the reality now of how winters in Eastern Idaho are supposed to be.  Since the weather was so nice on Saturday, Brent, Kyle, and I headed out to one of our favorite local haunts to try and stick a few decent fish.  The past couple times I had been out on this particular stretch of river, the fish were gradually getting more difficult to catch.  The normal Hare’s ear and Copper John set up just wasn’t doing it.  When faced with challenging fish in the past, one of the most effective flies to use is the mighty San Juan Worm.  Who would have thought that a red piece of string on a hook would be such a useful fly?

20130126_115354 - Version 2

Big ol’ Tail

It didn’t take long to realize how effective the San Juan Worm was going to be that day.  In fact, the joke of the day was that the fish were too smart for a well tied may fly or midge imitation, but they would readily gulp down a simple worm pattern.  We moved around a few different places and the fishing remained fairly consistent most of the day.  On a side note, I learned how helpful the RIO Indicator Line is for fishing in windy conditions.  Not only does it launch an indicator rig with very little effort, the heavy shooting head also cuts through the wind with ease.

20130126_122302 - Version 2

‘Bow with a Bad Attitude

20130126_130245(0) - Version 2

A Beautiful Wild ‘Bow

Throwing streamers is a lot more exciting that staring at a bobber, so we decided to head downriver to a spot that usually produces a few hogs on streamers.  Brent worked his way out to a bottleneck in the river and almost immediately hooked into what looked like a nice fish.  I headed downriver to give him a hand and was happy to see a dandy brown trout on the end of his line.  Big browns make everyone happy.


Gorgeous Coloring pattern on this Brown

Kyle and I continued fishing upriver from Brent, while he continued to work the bottleneck.  Kyle and I were getting into ‘bows pretty regularly, but nothing over 18″.  A while later, Brent hollered for help again and I started to work my way down to give him a hand.  As I was heading down, the fish came off.  Fortunately for Brent, he was able to reconnect with the fish and bring him in.  Once again, it was a beastly brown, rocking some awesome spotting and color patterns.


Last week was one of the most memorable and probably the most successful weeks I’ve ever had on the water.  Monday provided some stellar ice fishing, with the average fish being 4 lbs and 20″ (yes the trout are that fat).  I made it down to do a little ice fishing with my cousin, and that is always a great time.  Saturday provided some very enjoyable weather, and once again some stellar fishing with great friends.  I’ve got a lot of things going on this week and won’t be able to get out on the water at all, but I’ve got plenty of great memories to keep myself entertained.

6 thoughts on “The Mighty Worm

  1. So much big fish porn on this site, you guys are killing me. If I head to the river, I will be chasing a few nice trout, but, none like those you guys racked up here.

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