2012: A Year of Learning

When I think about my fishing experiences this past year, the first word that comes to mind is learning.  Throughout this year, I was able to learn so many different things about fly fishing and how to become a better fly fisherman.  I made a lot of great friends along the way and was lucky enough to find a few nice fish as well.  This post is a little picture heavy ,but it consists of some of my most memorable catches of the year, as well as fish that helped me learn important lessons.  Before I forget, a lot of these pictures were not taken by me and I want to make sure my friends get credit for their great photos.


I learned how rewarding throwing big meaty streamers can be


I caught my new personal best mirror carp.  I also learned that carp can be caught very early in the year if you fish the right places.


I learned how fun and effective throwing eggs can be


I spent many days on the flats in search of carp and learned many new techniques


This is the most beautiful brown trout that I have ever caught in my life.  The amazing colors a fish can have never cease to amaze me.


I landed my personal best cutthroat and learned that heavily pressured rivers can still put out some great fish


I landed my personal best brook trout and learned how hard they fight when they are bigger than 6″


I had the chance to fish with John from “Carp on the Fly” and Jim from “The Mr P Blog”.  I learned from them that the carp we have in Idaho are far more aggressive than most carp elsewhere.  I also learned that most people do not blind fish for them like we do.


I learned to always expect the unexpected.  There are not supposed to be brown trout in the river this fish was caught.


I learned that big fish can be found in rivers that are only supposed to have little fish


I learned that summer evenings are a great time to throw streamers


I learned how useful a canoe can be for covering a lot of water in smaller rivers


I learned to never take myself too seriously.  Fishing is all about having fun!


I learned how much harder it is to catch carp post spawn vs pre spawn.  I also learned how much harder they fight during the middle of summer vs spring.


I learned that a girthy trout will fight much harder than a snaky trout


I learned that contrary to popular belief, spawning Kokanee Salmon can be caught on the fly rod.  In fact, they love chasing down big streamers.


I learned that night fishing brings out the big boys



I learned that whitey’s need lovin’ too, especially the big ones


I landed my personal best brown trout.  I learned that stinger hooks help solve  the issues that short strikes can create.


I landed my first lake trout on the fly.  I learned that they like flies that have some pretty crazy colors to them.

B2Qc7loKr6YVr02gGskrUD1U2imX15XSJrmfTYRV76UI caught my personal best hybrid.  I learned that even if a fish has been hooked before, he’ll bite again.  This poor fish had a couple copper johns in him from other anglers who had broke off.


I caught my first ‘bow night fishing.  I learned that a camera flash in the dark and a little excitement can lead to me making some pretty ridiculous faces.

IMG_1479 - Version 2

I caught my personal best ‘bow.  I learned that big fish can be caught and landed on little flies, even if it takes a little more effort.


I caught the biggest sucker fish I’ve ever seen in my life.  I learned that even a sucker can’t resist the swing of a streamer. 


I caught my first Salmon River steelhead.  I learned that steel heading requires a lot of patience.


I learned to always carry a net with me when I decide to go exploring a good distance from whoever I’m fishing with

Another year has come and gone and I am already looking forward to what 2013 will have to offer.  I’d like to thank everyone who follows and supports the blog.  Have a safe and happy new year!

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