Big ‘Bows: Hooked on Streamers

While out fishing last week, I was talking to my friend Brent about how I was thinking about writing a couple short posts about some of my most memorable catches of the year.  2012 is coming to an end and it has been an exciting year.  The fish have been fat and healthy, and the fishing was the best I’ve ever experienced.  This first fish I’m writing about is the trout that got me addicted to throwing big meaty streamers.  Chris invited me to tag along on a trip to go chase some early season carp and I jumped on the opportunity.  A few minutes into fishing, Chris found of pod of carp hanging on a ledge above a steep drop off.  He stalked in and made his first cast out.  While retrieving his fly, the line became taught and he set in to whatever was on the other end of the line.  A few minutes later, a beautiful and hefty ‘bow was brought to hand.


Chris With a Hefty Rainbow

From that point on, my mind was no longer focused on carp, and had fully turned to catching a big trout of my own.  At the time, my streamer collection consisted of some wooly buggers and a few other random flies I had picked up at fly shops over the years.  Chris was gracious enough to lend me a couple of big articulated flies that he had recently tied up.  As the day went on, we continued to pick up a lot more trout, but none came close to the fish that Chris had landed earlier in the day.  We each also picked up a carp.  In fact, I caught my new personal best mirror carp that day.  I didn’t ever weigh or measure it, but it was one heck of a fish.  Nonetheless, I was still hyper focused on catching a big ‘bow.  We started to work our way back downriver as we prepared to call it a day.  Chris told me I should hit the ledge that he pulled his ‘bow off of earlier that day and I agreed it was probably a good bet at finding a nice fish.  I threw out, let the fly sink, and slowly began my retrieve.  A few strips later and I had hooked in to what felt like a heavy fish.  The fish continued to fight for a few minutes and when I caught a glimpse of him, I knew it was the fish I’d been looking for all day.  Eventually he tired out and was brought to the net.  We snapped a few quick pictures and sent him on his way.  The problem with big trout is that they leave you with a craving for even more big fish.


Hooked on Streamers


The Release

Because of the success we had that day, Chris and I decided to head back again two days later.  I was becoming sick, but I had one thing on my mind, and that was big rainbows eating big flies.  That trout is what got me hooked on throwing streamers.  Streamer fishing isn’t usually a numbers game.  A lot of the fish you catch on big flies will be fish that make your heart skip a beat when you catch your first glimpse of them.  They are the fish that make your stomach hurt when the line goes slack after a long battle.  They are the fish that lead to a life long addiction to fly fishing.

2 thoughts on “Big ‘Bows: Hooked on Streamers

  1. Good Evening, Shane. Just added your blog to my blog reader and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading this post and seeing your success with Streamers. Lived in Idaho Falls for around 25 years and just recently moved to Northern Colorado to retire. Those ‘Bows are the reason my blog is titled “Rainbow Chaser”!

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