Many Thanks: A Photo Summary

November is always a great time of year to sit back and reflect on some of the things that I am thankful for.  There are a lot of things that I am grateful for and feel blessed to have in my life.  This month has provided some incredible fishing and I am indeed grateful for that.  I’m grateful for my family and all of the things that they do for me and their support for me.  I’m grateful for good friends and the fun times I am able to have while fishing with them.  I am grateful to live in the beautiful state of Idaho and to be surrounded by world class fishing.  I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a full time college student.  I am grateful for my faith in God and the happiness it brings me.  I am thankful for photos and the stories they tell.  Thanks to Brent, Chris, and Kyle for some great fishing this week!

ZbpSILDfIbPDwHzsT9CpMTOUZuO7GW97gbd86_LoOHQ - Version 2

I’m grateful for big fat hybrids (and doubles…that’s another fish in the net Chris caught)!

This poor guy had three other flies in him…truly the one that didn’t get away!

Who isn’t thankful for spunky bows?


vTnLDfFz0szHqKybjxhtc6Wu_l6SPfAdDEVA71ySx6A - Version 2

I’m thankful for fatty bows

I am thankful for Catch and Release

wohknIobOT4K5_b7RTDGf45oN4FdYc18QoKf7MUimQc - Version 2

I am thankful for the beautiful colors on trout like this one


EFe3gGUhf3BG0WXUr9s6xJM2OwiASWRLYUy7hOT1e_w - Version 2

I’m thankful for hard fighting browns

I’m thankful for night fishing and the hogs that come out to play when the sun goes down

IMG_1479 - Version 2

I’m thankful when big fish don’t slip the barbless hook out on a head shake

Simply put, I have a lot of things to be thankful for.  The fishing this year has been unreal and will continue to pick up as the weather continues to cool down and days become more overcast.  It looks like another round of winter storms are headed in for the weekend, but you won’t find me complaining.  After last winters lack of snow, we need all the moisture we can get.

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