‘Bows on the Brain

My alarm clock went off and it was time to go.  Fishing is about the only thing I like to wake up early to do.  Once, again, I had stayed at the vice too late and was only able to get a few short hours of sleep.  I had bows’ on my brain!  Not just any rainbow trout, the bow’s that dreams are made of.  Earlier in the year I had one of the best fishing trips I have ever been on in my life (here is the post about that trip).  The opportunity presented itself to get back to the river again and I hopped all over it.  The roads were slick with ice and visibility was difficult due to the thick fog.  Forced to do 35 mph, it took me a little longer to get to the destination.  I met my friend Jake around 7:30 and we were on the water shortly after first light.  Jake was a great host and helped me get in to plenty of fish to keep things exciting.  We didn’t catch any of the monsters we were after, but we landed a lot of quality fish.

IMG_1445 - Version 2

Getting the Skunk Off

IMG_1448 - Version 2

Skinny Bow

IMG_1449 - Version 2

One of the Better Fish of the Day

IMG_1453 - Version 2

Big Head and Sharp Fins

IMG_1456 - Version 2

Beautiful Colors

IMG_1458 - Version 2

Surprise Brownie

IMG_1460 - Version 2

My Best Bow of the Day

The semester is half way over and everything seems to keep getting busier and busier.  Winter is on its way and the fish are doing all they can to fatten up before the cold sets in.  I’m headed back again in the morning, once again with monster bows’ on my mind.  I can’t think of a better way to get out and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

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