It’s always fun catching a fish that you are not expecting to catch.  I had this happen a couple times in the past few days.  The first was on a river that generally pumps out loads of 12″-14″ bows’ and just as many whitefish.  First surprise was a 12″ or so little cuttie.  It was a beautiful little fish and definitely and unexpected catch.  Second surprise was a chunky bow that was showing off some beautiful colors and a mini kype.

Pretty Colors

Surprise number three happened this evening.  I went out to a stretch of water that holds a healthy population of brown trout in hopes of hooking into a big guy.  I caught plenty of browns but none of them were over 16″.  I headed down to another run that has been productive before in the past and got to swinging.  The top end of the run was a little slow but as I continued working my way down things started to pick up.  I felt a couple short taps so I gave the fly a quick twitch and that was enough to get the fish to commit.

Surprise Chunky Bow’ From Tonight

The chunky bow’ put on a good show and was definitely a bit of a surprise.  I continued working my way downstream in hopes of catching a big brown but it wasn’t meant to be tonight.  No complaining from me though, I’ve been lucky to catch some great fish this year.  I’ve had my fair share of surprise catches this year and it’s always nice to land something you aren’t expecting to.

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