Now Open

I know I’ve posted about it a couple times already on my Facebook page but I thought I would throw it out there again.  I will now be selling a few of my favorite flies for anyone who is interested.  If local, you contact me directly and I would be more than happy to meet.  For everyone else, I have an online shop on Etsy.  Click the link to go to my online shop Fish Hunters.  To see some of the patterns I am offering and to find the link to my Etsy shop, click on the “Shop” Tab at the top of my home page.  I love streamer fishing and the flies I am selling are the patterns that have produced best for me.  All flies are hand tied by me.  In this post I will be doing a short spotlight on one of my favorite streamer patterns – The Black and Red Peanut Envy Variation.  This fly has brought more large trout to hand for me this year than any other fly in my box.  It can be fished a variety of ways and that is why I like fishing it so much.  If I am not sure what to tie on, this is my go to streamer pattern.  Plain and simple, fish love it!

 Peanut Envy Variation 

It Works Great for Hungry Browns at Night

Chunky Bows Love Them Too

Fall is one of the best time’s of year to throw streamers.  The fish are aggressive and less wary than other time’s of the year when it comes to hitting streamers.  As fall starts to really settle in the fishing will only get better.  Don’t get caught on the river without a few meaty streamers!

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