Round Two

Wind, cold fronts, and dropping river flows usually don’t result in very favorable fishing.  Chris and I were still on a fly fishing high from our last night fishing experience and we expected the drastic changes might have slowed the fishing down. With that said, we still stuck with the plan.  Brent from Uprising fly fishing was also able to join us for the night.  We all met up around 5:00 PM and headed out on the short hike in.  The fishing was pretty slow for the first hour and a half and just like Friday night, it picked up right before dark.  I was further downriver and tagged my first fish of the night right before dark.  It was a pretty 14″ brown.  It felt nice to get the skunk off.  Just a couple minutes later Brent hooked into his first fish of the night.  It was a beautiful brown and was really turning over to its spawn colors.

Brent’s First Brown of the Night

We decided to head back up to the money hole and give it another whirl.  Brent took the top of the run, Chris took the bottom, and I opted for the middle.  I threw a long cast out and let it swing towards the end of the run.  Two strips later, I hooked into my first good fish of the night.  The water exploded and the fish took off like a rocket.  Brent had a great net that made landing and handling the fish much easier.  We snapped a few photos and sent the chunky female on her way.

My First and Only Decent Brown of the Night

Chow Time

The next few hours proved to be rather slow fishing.  We tagged a few more smaller fish but nothing like on Friday night.  We made the rounds between the two runs and eventually made our way up to the top run for one last time.  It provided the most action throughout the night.  Around 12:20 AM the fish decided they felt like coming out and playing again.  Brent and I each missed a couple and Chris was able to hook up with the last fish of the night.  It was another beautiful male brown that was turning over to its spawn colors.  In a couple more weeks, most of the browns should be colored up and showing off their incredible colors.

Chris Successfully “Field Testing” a New Pattern for Night Fishing

It was fun while it lasted, but I’m thinking this cold weather will make the night fishing less than productive for a while.  Unless a warm front comes through, I’ll be calling it quits on night fishing for the year.  In the meantime, I’ll dream of swinging streamers in the dark, awaiting the take that can only be described as epic.

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