I consider putting in a lot of footwork necessary to a successful day of fishing.  Somedays it’s only a mile or two, other days it’s 12 miles or more. Plain and simple, if you are willing to put in the footwork to get to the best fishing, 99% of the time it is going to pay off.  I’ve come to realize that hiking against the rivers current, for miles at a time, makes hiking on solid ground seem like a breeze.  Like any other fly fisherman, I’d rather be spending time in the water versus time hiking.

Hiking In

The past few weeks have provided a unique and enjoyable opportunity to go and chase Kokanee  salmon.  During fall, they make their annual run up the creeks and rivers to spawn.  The salmon aren’t really feeding at all, but if you present the fly right they can be caught.  The key part is presenting the fly right.  I had not fished for them before so there was a bit of a learning curve.  I started out throwing egg patterns and had no luck.  I switched to a variety of other things and continued to have very little luck.  It then came to me, why not try my go to fly…a black and red articulated streamer.  It catches fish everywhere else.  A cast later, I tagged my first fish of the day.

A Male Kokanee Salmon

A Female Kokanee

As the day went on, we started to pick up on where the type of water the active fish were in and the inactive fish were in.  One of the key things to catching them frequently was finding active fish.  This entailed more hiking but our efforts were rewarded.

Streamer Eater

One of Josh’s Better Males From the Day

Running the Gauntlet

Another Nice Male

Best of the Day

Josh and one of his First of the day

Around 2:30 Josh and I started the hike back to the vehicle.  The funny thing about hiking and fishing is that is is very easy to lose track of how far in you really hiked. A while later we were back to the car and headed back to Rexburg.  The pictures here are from my first of two trips.  Josh also wrote up a great report on the trip and you can see it as his blog over at Central PA Trout Bum.  The second trip was an evening trip and the fish were even more aggressive.  Chris and I tagged some great fish and you can see his post about the second trip at his blog at Many a Fish.

Chow Time

Fall has also rolled in and that means that school is back in session.  I’m fortunate enough to go to a great college that happens to be located within minutes of some of the greatest fly fishing you could ask for.  I’ve started to keep my fishing trips closer to town (relatively speaking), but that hasn’t put a damper on the quality at all.  The nights are getting cooler, and consequently the water is as well.  Cooler water means the trout will become very active and the bigger fish will really start turning on.  Streamer time will soon be in full swing (Pun Intended)!

Little Brownie

Best Brownie of the Day

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