Nymphin’ It Up and a Little Creek Fishing

This strangely hot summer is really starting to take a toll on how successful I am in my trout fishing.  Small streams that would usually be a great escape from the valley heat are beginning to run rather low.  There are still a few that are good fishing but nothing like usual.  I’m still managing to find a decent amount of fish but I am having to work a lot harder than usual.  I’d normally be fishing the South Fork of the Snake this time of year but the water is still running so high due to irrigation demand that it’s not even worth my time (I don’t have a boat).  Once it drops down to 8,500 CFS, its game on!  In the mean time I’ll keep nymphing it up and catching some beautiful wild bows.

Another Chunky B0w

One of the Better Fish of the Day

Crazy Looking Caterpillar

Chunky Whitey

Wild Idaho Cuttie

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of great creeks to fish for some of the wildest trout you’ll ever find.  Most fish will readily rise to a well placed attractor pattern.  One of my favorite things about creek fishing is the beautiful colors on the trout.  Another thing I really enjoy is exploring all of the rarely touched water.  You never know what you might find around the next corner!

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