Persistence Pays Off

Today was the first official day of my summer vacation and what better way to celebrate than to go fishing.   I started the day off by throwing streamers.  The first little little while was pretty slow going.  I did a lot of wading and casting and not a lot of catching.  I had a really nice fish charge my fly with his mouth open but somehow missed the hook.  I had a couple more little buggers hit the fly but didn’t connect with them either.  Finally after an hour and a half of little success, I caught my first cutt of the day.  He came out of a classic looking piece of streamer water and hammered the fly.  It was a great looking cutt and a lot of fun to catch.  Most of all, I was happy to get the skunk off.

Streamer Fishing

I continued to fish for a little while but didn’t get another bite so I decided it was time to head elsewhere.  I got to the next river about a half hour later and it was once again pretty slow going.  The banks were covered with hoppers so I decided I’d try throwing one for a while.  I had a few strikes and hooked up with one fish for a very short amount of time but wasn’t able to land anything.  At this point in time I just wanted to catch a fish so I decided to start nymphing in hopes of catching a few whities.  A few casts later I hooked into my first bow of the day.  Nothing huge, but it felt nice to catch another fish.  Three hours of fishing and only two fish brought to hand is pretty slow going.  I was starting to think the dog days of summer were rolling in.  I continued fishing the same run and pulled out another bow, this one a little bit better.  The hole kept producing and I hooked into what immediately felt like a really nice trout.  My suspicions were confirmed when it rocketed three feet out of the water.  A fun battle ensued and I eventually brought the fish to hand.  For the longest time I never fished with a net but today I was happy to have it.  The only problem is when your flying solo it’s not real easy to take pictures of yourself holding the fish.  For my first attempt.  I tried to hold out the camera as far away as I could with one hand, while holding the fish with my other hand.  Well the fish didn’t fit into the frame so that didn’t work to well.

First Attempt at Using the Self Timer

Next I decided I would try to balance my camera on a rock and set the self timer.  This was a good idea in theory but the camera unfortunately wanted to point straight up.  I made due with what I had and ended up with a  half decent picture.  I continued fishing the hole for a little while longer but didn’t catch anything else so I headed upstream.  The next couple of hours provided a lot of beautiful bows that were full of spunk and acrobatic moves.

Beautiful Wild Rainbow

Cortland Advertisement?  

Rubber Legs Were on the Menu Today

More Wild Bows

Another Decent Bow

I was starting to get pretty tired but there was one more spot that I wanted to hit before calling it a day.  I’d burned through what little amount of energy my nutritious breakfast had given me(gas stations donuts) and my water supply was lacking.  The thought of more crazy bows kept me going and I’m glad I chose to keep pressing on.  I landed a couple more average fish and then hooked into a heavy fish.  As soon as I set the hook it dove and just sat there.  There was no way I was going to turn it until it tired out a little.  A few minutes later I brought her in and was once again grateful that I had my net.  I managed to get a half decent picture with the self timer and turned the fish back to the river.  I caught a couple more fish after this one but it was definitely the best fish I have ever seen come out of this river.

Best Bow of the Day

Another Shot of the Same Fish

What started off as one of the slowest days I have had in a long time ended up as a what I’d consider to be a banner day.  Patience comes in handy when the day is not going as planned and in the end, persistence pays off.


3 thoughts on “Persistence Pays Off


    I always regret checking your blog…I just know your going to be hoisting the trout dreams are made of….keep it up.

    I need to put a GPS tracker on your vehicle.

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