Strip Strip Strip…BOOM!

That is the best description that I can think of when it comes to fishing streamers.  It has been a little while since I last put a post up but it has been nothing but streamer fishing for me.  It’s pretty tough to beat a take from a feisty trout that nearly rips your fly rod from your grasp.  I have mostly been catching cutts, with a few browns, hybrids, and bows thrown in the mix.  The fly of choice…a black and red articulated streamer.  Something about the color mixture drives those fish nuts!  I usually trail another fly and it greatly increases the amount of hookups I have.

Chowing Down

In my last post I talked a lot about the techniques I like to use when streamer fishing.  This post is a bit more of a trip report and a few photos.  I’ve fished a few different streams and rivers in the past few weeks and every one of them has been productive using streamers.

This Little Brownie Fell Victim to a Sculpin Pattern

Sometimes Crystal Olive Colors Do the Trick!

Football Hybrid

I haven’t taken a lot of pictures lately so that’s why I’ve only got a few.   A few days ago I had the chance to float one of the rivers I like to fish, in a canoe.  This was a first for me.  I’ve rowed a decent amount down the river but it is much different than running a canoe.  It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to fly fish from a canoe (with three guys) but we made it happen and were able to bring a few fish to the boat.  On the float I experienced of the coolest things that I have ever had happen to me while fly fishing.  I was hitting the banks hard but not having much luck yet.  I threw another cast, just like the last 100 but this one ended a little differently.  I threw a cast right on the bank and stripped back with no results.  Right as I lifted my fly out of the water to make another cast, a beast of a trout sky rocketed at it.  The fish was well over 20″ and thick!  Unfortunately for me he missed the fly.  It was one of those times I said to myself, “should have had the GoPro running”.  I threw a couple more casts back in the direction of the fish but he was not interested anymore.  I’m headed back out tomorrow to float again and I know right where to find him.

Also throwing out another reminder to go and vote for my picture on the Tailwaters Carp Photo Contest.  Here is a picture of the photo I entered.  The competition goes through the end of the month!  Thanks guys!

The Photo I Have Entered

The Link:

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