Camp Fires and Cutthroats

This weekend marked my first camping trip of the year.  Phil, Josh, and I headed up Friday afternoon and were down on the river by 3:00.  The fishing wasn’t as fast and furious as last time but the quality of fish was far better.  Around 5:00 I happened upon this pig of a cutthroat trout.

Two Footer

We continued to work our way down stream and caught a few more average sized fish (18″ or so) but nothing else too spectacular.  Of course, we missed a couple more monster cutts.  There were also a few more brookies thrown into the mix.  We called it quits around 8:00 and went to set up camp.  It still gets pretty cold up in the mountains this time of year so we wanted to get a fire going before dark.  The next day we woke up pretty early in hopes of getting to one of the more productive holes.  Unfortunately for us, some people had already beat us to it.  We ended up fishing a few different runs and had another productive day.  It was another successful trip with over 80 fish landed.

Josh With a Fat 22″ Cutt…His Personal Best

Streamer Eatin’ Cutt

Best Brookie of the Trip…Chowing Down on Eggs

3 thoughts on “Camp Fires and Cutthroats


    I tried staying away from your blog…I can only look at go many hogs being hoisted..jealous? YES!
    Great work.

    Answer the man’s question!!! Where?…better yet take me!!

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