It Just Keeps Getting Better…

My friend Josh and I took off from Rexburg around 12:45 and were up and fishing by 2:30.  The fishing was pretty fast and furious for the rest of the day.  Most of the fish were really keying in on eggs and san juan worms.  As soon as they would see the egg, they would put the chase on it and hammer it.  Some of the fish would hit as soon as it hit the water, almost like fishing dries.  Fishing eggs has become one of my favorite ways to fly fish over the past few months.  It seems like the trout view them as candy.  And San Juan worms…well they work just about anywhere, at any time, for any fish.  By the end of the day we had caught over 60 fish, most averaging 18″ or better.  We caught Cutts, Brookies, Hybrids, and even one little wild rainbow.  We probably lost another 60 or more that somehow came unbuttoned during the fight.  It was one of those days that leaves you asking yourself…Does it get any better than this?

A pretty typical sized Cutt for the day

Another Pretty Cutthroat Trout

Chowing Down on the Eggs

Josh with one of the first Cutts of the Day

Pink San Juan = Lots of Nice Cutts

Josh With Another Nice Cutthroat

Definitely the Biggest and Best Looking Cutthroat Trout of the Day

Great Colors

A Better Sized Brook Trout…We Had About 10 or 12 Thrown in the mix Between the Two of us

It’s Amazing how Much harder the Hybrids Fight in Comparison to The Pure Cutts

A Great Way to end the Day

A Little Kype Coming Around?

Yesterday will definitely be near the top of my list of fishing trips, as far as quality and quantity both go.  We caught tons of beautiful Cutts all day long.  We were luck enough to get into a few feisty brook trout as well and even the occasional hybrid.  I had two chances to land a brookie that was 18″+ and finally made it happen at the very end of the day.  We’re  headed up again on Friday and I hope to catch over 50 this time.  Maybe I’ll even set another new personal record with another monster brook trout.

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