Attack of the Salmon Flies!

School is now in full swing and forcing me to spend my free time doing other things, like fishing.  I love keeping up the blog, but when my time gets limited, my priorities change.  The last three week have been full of crazy swings in the weather along with some crazy good fishing.  With the warmer weather out and the snow melting, a lot of secluded portions of the rivers I like to fish are becoming accessible.  Runoff is in full swing and making fishing slow unless you know where to go.  With that said, I have been fortunate enough to find some phenomenal fishing as of late.

A Feisty Brown Trout 

It started a couple weeks ago when I had a nice brown chase my bobber (strike indicator for those who like to use fancy fly fishing lingo).  I was rubber leggin’ it up and doing quite well.  The size of the brown that chased my bobber was enough to make me throw on a salmon fly.  Only half an hour earlier we had been in the midst of a full blown blizzard and now I was throwing a salmon fly at the end of April?  Then it got even crazier…I proceeded to catch two nice browns on the salmon fly.  They hit it with just as much energy as they always do during the thick of the Salmon fly hatch.  So why was this happening in April?  I have no idea but I couldn’t have been more happy that it did.  I continued to fish dry for the next little while but didn’t pick any other fish up and we called it a day.  A couple weeks later (Last Friday) we headed up again, this time hoping to get into some more fish on dries.  We tied up a lot of salmon fly patterns in preparation for this trip and it ended up paying off.  The weather had been pretty warm and we were hoping for the best.  The day started with a good hike down the canyon and to the river.  Most fisherman are too lazy to want to hike more than a few hundred feet to get to the river.  Nothing much was happening up top so we started by throwing rubber legs and midges.  It didn’t take long to hook into some beautiful wild trout.  This trip provided some of the wildest looking trout I have ever caught in my life.  We worked our way down river a couple miles and  I eventually switched to top water after Josh started hooking a bunch on top.  The day started out great and ended even better.  Josh, Gabe, and I all did excellent (and Kyle for the short time he was there).  We landed close to forty fish between the three of us. We all would have liked to stay longer but had plans to get home to.  It gets much harder to keep plans when the fishing is so good.

As Wild as They Come

This is by far the Coolest Looking Brown Trout I Have Ever Caught

Smiling For the Camera

A Spotless Rainbow Trout

A Greedy Brown Caught By Josh

View From the Top of the Canyon

Since last Friday was so successful, we headed out again yesterday afternoon.  The first spot we stopped was pretty good and we got plenty of hits but only managed to land one fish.  We each missed a hit from some pretty nice browns.  We decided to head up river and the choice paid off.  It took a little while to get to where we wanted to fish but it was game on as soon as we got to the river.  Josh missed a monster of a trout on his first cast and I went on to catch a couple browns around 14″.  Its a great feeling catching decent fish on a fly you tied yourself.  We worked our way down river and got into fish for quite a ways but then it slowed down.  It got slow enough that I decided to switch to a double rubber legs rig.  I started picking fish up again pretty quickly.  Josh stuck to the dry set up for the most part but sized down to a skwala and started picking up fish again.

Me with a Decent Brown Trout

As we continued to work our way down river, the fish started looking up and taking salmon flies again.  Josh managed to pull out a couple nice browns and I caught the one and only rainbow I landed all day.

Josh with a Nice Brown Trout Taken on a Salmon Fly

We kept working down river and missed a few more fish but didn’t pick up anything.  We stopped and looked under the bridge to see how many of the salmon flies were crawling.  Needless to say they were everywhere.  No wonder the fish were going so nuts for them.  We fished for another couple hours and picked up a few more fish, including some more hefty browns.  This little preview has gotten me pumped for salmon fly fishing over the next couple of months to come.  In the end we landed close to twenty fish and lost too many others to count.

One thought on “Attack of the Salmon Flies!

  1. sam

    Great posts i enjoy them quite a bit. Your luck to have such nice places to fish so close to you. If you dont mind me asking what canyon is that? Its absolutely beautiful.

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