A Face Only A Mother Could Love

A couple of days ago I headed out in search of some more dry fly action.  It was supposed to get pretty warm in the afternoon and I figured some more caddis would be going off.  I got to the river around 11:00 AM and didn’t see very many bugs flying around and I didn’t see any fish up top.  I started off nymphing with a stonefly nymph and a Glo bug.  I picked up the first fish of the day pretty quickly.  A healthy and wild rainbow trout.  This one had spots everywhere!

Egg Eating Rainbow Trout

I continued fishing the same spot for another 45 minutes or so and picked up a few more fish, mostly on the egg pattern but occasionally on the stonefly nymph.

Rainbow Trout Love Stonefly Nymphs!

This Little Rainbow Still Has His Parr Marks

I decided it was time to move and worked up river to a spot I hadn’t been to for nearly a year.  I continued to catch quite a few fish for the next couple of hours and finally hooked into a brown trout.  All I had been catching up to that point was rainbows and whitefish.

An Egg Eating Brown Trout

Close up

I continued to work my way up river and got into a flat where the suckers were spawning.  Sucker fish sure are ugly but they put up a pretty good fight compared to little trout I had been catching.  I think they fall into the category of, “Having a face only a mother could love”.  However, they do have some pretty cool looking eyes, full of different colors.  If only they would fight like a carp, then they might be worth chasing!

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Crazy Eyes

It was finally starting to warm up a little and some caddis were starting to come off fairly regularly.  Eventually a few fish started rising as well.  I decided it was time to head back down to some good dry fly water.  As I worked my way back downriver I noticed more and more fish rising with the further I got downstream.  I decided it was time to switch to a dry set up.  I put on a stimulator and dropped a little olive elk hair caddis off the back of it.  I started picking up feisty little rainbows pretty quickly.

An Average Rainbow Trout for the Day

I continued to work my way downriver and picked up fish the whole way.  Most took the Elk Hair Caddis but there was also and occasional taker on the Stimulator.  Eventually it started to get really windy.  The fish were still rising  but it became extremely difficult to get my fly out to where they were.  It was another great day out on the water.

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