Footballs and Caddis Flies

I could tell it was going to be a great day of fishing when I hooked into fish on every one of my first three casts.  It seemed that as the day went on the fish got bigger.  I hooked into a couple today that were over 20″ but as luck would have it they slipped the hook.  It was still a lot of fun having them on the line for a minute.  The fish are in great shape right now and fat like footballs.  The rest of the day continued to be very productive and between Kyle and I, we brought in over 60 fish.  Since we were fishing barbless we lost a lot as well.  I even landed my first Cutthroat Trout on the Henry’s Fork.  Later in the day we headed off to another river and got into a great caddis hatch.  The fish weren’t very big but they were plentiful and it was exciting to get some fish on top water.  It looks like the warm spell is coming to an end and its back to normal spring time weather here in Idaho.    Its not often you can fish in a T-shirt when there is still three feet of snow on the ground.  The past couple of weeks have been some of the best fishing that I have had all year.

A Healthy Henry’s Fork Rainbow

A Football Of A Trout

Another Healthy Rainbow Trout

A Little Skinnier Than The Rest

Great Colors

Kyle With a Rainbow Trout

Kyle With Another Rainbow Trout

A Little Brown Trout

My First Cutthroat Trout From The Henry’s Fork

Cabelas Advertisement?

Rainbow Trout Close Up


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