One Of Those Days

The Henry’s Fork can be a tough bugger at times, but when it is good, it’s a pretty hard place to beat.  All the fish have beautiful colors.  Its hard to find a river that has harder fighting fish.  Almost every fish puts on an acrobatic display for everyone to see.  Yesterday was one of those days where everything seemed to go just right.

The Canyon

A short hike was required to get to where we wanted to fish.  The four feet of snow made it a little more exciting than usual.  Kyle and I headed down the canyon and we were fishing by 10:00 AM.  Within just a few minutes of being there, Kyle started hooking into fish.  I didn’t get into anything for at least an hour.  I eventually found a spot the fish were holding and started to catch a few.  Every one of them jumped all over the place, doing all they could to break off.

A Henry’s Fork Rainbow Trout


I was finally starting to catch up with Kyle when he found another good run that was full of fish.  He pulled out three in a row so I headed down river to snap some pictures and try to catch a few more myself.

Kyle With A Henry’s Fork Rainbow

After snapping some pictures, I got back to fishing again.  The next couple of hours continued to be successful for both of us.

A Henry’s Fork Rainbow Trout

Lots of Red

Around 2:00 PM the fishing started to slow down quite a bit so we decided to hike out and head downriver.  We decided to try a spot that we had never been to before and it really paid off.  Kyle picked up four really nice rainbows and put his fish count for the day above mine once again.

Kyle With Another Henry’s Fork Rainbow

Kyle With Another Rainbow

After catching a few fish here, we continued downriver to try another spot that I have had a lot of success at before.  Unfortunately the water had come up and was pretty off color.  There was a massive midge hatch but not a single fish up feeding.  We didn’t even get a bite so we headed to another river.  There were only a couple hours of daylight left so we fished there most of the day.  We picked up a few more rainbows and a couple of whitefish as well.  Most of the fish were caught on egg patterns (Glo Bugs) and rubber legs.  On the drive home we even saw a moose.  It seems this time of year I start to see moose on almost every outing.

A Moosen!

By the end of the day, we had landed nearly thirty fish.  We also hooked into multiple others that got away.  As luck would have it, I wasn’t able to get a picture of the biggest fish I caught.  It was at least 20″ and FAT.  As I was reaching down to pick it up for the picture it began to take off again.  I grabbed the line (bad choice) and it broke off.  I guess it is time for me to invest in a net.  I can’t complain too much though.  I have been spoiled this year with a lot of great fish.  Yesterday was one of those days that you remember when the Henry’s Fork is being difficult.  Days like that keep me coming back for more.

Why They Call Them Rainbow Trout

2 thoughts on “One Of Those Days


    Everytime I check out your blog your hoisting a bigger slab then the previous. I’d love to hitch along on one of your trips sometime.

    keep it up!

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