Carpin’ and Creek Fishing

One of my favorite things about Idaho is the diversity of fishing opportunities it has to offer.  One day you can be out catching monster carp and the next you can be on a small stream in the middle of nowhere catching beautiful wild trout.  This is pretty much the story of my weekend.  Friday morning I headed out with a couple of friends to chase a few carp.  I had been on a couple trips earlier in the year looking for carp but this one was looking the most promising.  The weather had been warm for many days and was only supposed to get warmer.  Carp fishing is also one of the few times that I am excited about having a little bit of wind.  It chops the water up and makes the fish a little less wary.  We eventually made it to the spot we wanted to fish and it was game on.  I quickly rigged up and headed out to work the mud line where the fish were feeding.  The fish were everywhere!  On my second cast I hooked into my first carp of the day.  It is crazy how hard of a fight a carp can put on an 8 wt. fly rod.  Josh, Chris, and I were all pulled into our backing at some point in time during the day.  The next few hours proved to be quite productive and it was by far my most successful carp hunt all year.  We each landed a handful and lost a few as well.  Towards the end of the day, Chris sight fished to a beast of a carp that was just sitting right up on the bank.  As soon as he set the hook, the fish took off clear across the river and pulled him into his backing.  Sight fishing to monster fish is what carp fishing is all about.  It was Josh’s first time fly fishing for carp and he did great too.  Fly fishing for carp is definitely addicting and I can’t wait to get back out and chase a few.  Also, Thanks to Chris for all the great pictures.  Be sure to check out both Chris and Josh’s blogs at and

A Hefty Common Carp

Another Commom Carp (Photo courtesy of Chris at

Josh With A Nice Common Carp (Photo courtesy of Chris at

Chris With The Best Fish of The Day (Photo courtesy of Chris at

This Picture Pretty Much Sums up the Day (Photo courtesy of Chris at

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Idaho has a lot of diversity.  My brother in law recently expressed some interest in learning how to fly fish.  A small creek not too far from here immediately came to mind.  My friend Josh also enjoys fishing creeks and we were happy to have him tag along with us.  We arrived at the creek around 1:30 and were fishing by 2:00 PM.  It didn’t take long for Parker to start getting into fish even though he was just learning.  One of my favorite thing about fishing small creeks is all the wild trout that they have to offer.  The colors on wild trout certainly make up for their small size.  In the end we landed over 100 between the three of us and enjoyed one of the many beautiful creeks that Idaho has to offer.

Most Fish Were More Than Willing To Take a Dry

A Wild Brookie


Wild Rainbow

Brookie Colors

Parker and One of His First Fish Ever on The Fly Rod

A Couple Of Sand Hill Cranes

When we got back to Rexburg we still had about an hour of daylight that we could fish so we decided to hit the Nature Park.  We each picked up a few average sized planters and I also ended up landing a pretty nice rainbow.  I decided to keep him for dinner tonight.  The strangest part of all is that when I filleted him out he was a very deep orange, almost like a salmon.  Something that I would have never suspected of a fish living in the Nature Ponds.  I know that I will be keeping more of the nice sized fish from there in the future because this one tasted great!

 A Great End To The Day

It’s Almost That Time of Year Again

The forecast for the next few days is calling for temperatures in the upper 70’s and 80’s.  It is hard to believe that it is still April.  I don’t remember the temperature getting above 70 until the middle of June last year.  Not to mention how rainy it was last spring.  I think it’s coming close to the time that most of our rivers will start to blow out.  It’s the one time of year that fishing can get pretty tough on the rivers, mainly because it’s hard to find somewhere to fish.  But it’s not all bad news.  It also means that a lot of the lakes should start turning on pretty soon.  It’s also time to start chasing carp.  With that said, my friends and I have been hitting the rivers pretty hard for the past couple days.  My school work has taken away from a little bit of fishing time but I can’t complain at all.  Yesterday we went up to the Henry’s Fork again and had another pretty good day.  We didn’t catch any big fish but they were all healthy and put up a great fight.  By the end of the day we landed around 20 between the three of us.  Pretty much all the fish were caught on orange glo bugs.

Kyle and Gabe had a Double

An Average Rainbow Trout For The Day

Today I had a lot of homework to get done so I wasn’t able to get out to the river until 6:00 PM.  I was worried that the water was going to be off color but when I showed up it was still pretty decent looking.  About 15 minutes later I hooked into my first fish, a healthy cutthroat  around 15″.  A few minutes later I hooked into another cutt, this one quite a bit larger.

The Best Cutthroat From Today

I continued fishing the run for a few more minutes and hooked into one more fish but he got off pretty quickly.  I decided to work my way up river and try a new spot.  A few casts in, my bobber slowly started sinking really slowly and I thought I was snagged up again.  Its pretty easy to get snagged when fishing egg patterns so close to the bottom.  I yanked up hard and what I thought was a snag was actually another really nice trout.  He gave a few solid head shakes and shot straight out of the water.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a good hook set and he got off the line on the jump.  Now I’m 0-2 on catching the monster trout  I’ve been looking for from that section of the river.  Hopefully the third time will be the charm.

Watch Out For Sharp Teeth

Back To The Grind

Today marks the beginning of a new semester of school and its back to the grind for me.  I managed to get a pretty decent schedule and will still have plenty of time to get out on the river (After my homework of course).  Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get out as much for the next few weeks, I decided it would be fun to hit up the Henry’s Fork again yesterday.  I didn’t get to the river until 2:30 PM or so but I was just fine with that.  I’ve been able to go fishing so much in the past few weeks that I was perfectly fine with just a few hours.  I worked my way up to a spot I had been looking forward to try and wasn’t disappointed by the almost immediate results.  The fish are still continuing to key in on eggs and its no surprise at all.  The sucker fish are in full spawn right now and the rainbows are spawning and some are still staging up.  The fish are also taking stonefly nymph patterns pretty regularly.  It had been really windy and just kept getting windier.  I landed a few more rainbows and decided to call it a day around 5:30 PM.  Sorry I don’t have too many pictures.  I left the camera I usually use at home and ended up using the GoPro, which was really low on battery.

One Snakey Looking Brown Trout

A Spawned Out Rainbow Trout

I got out of class around 1:00 PM today and had a couple hours to kill before starting my homework.  My friend Gabe and I decided to stick closer to town since neither one  of us had much time to fish.  It took me a while to walk back from my classes but  we were out and on the water around 1:45 PM with high hopes.  The wind was blowing like crazy, but when isn’t it blowing in Eastern Idaho?  I find myself being grateful for the days the wind is only blowing 10-15 MPH.  The fishing started out a little slow but picked up in the end.  It is great to have so many different options of places to fish.  The first couple of runs didn’t yield any fish but as I worked my way upstream I found a great looking run.  I pulled out three fish, almost back to back.

A Healthy Cutthroat Trout

We fished the run for a little while more but didn’t catch anything else so we decided to head upstream.  That’s when I hooked into this better sized cutt.

Another Healthy Cutthroat (Sorry for the over the top straight arming)

Back In The River For Someone Else To Catch

Now for the best part of the day.  Like all fisherman, I am full of fish stories.  Lucky for me, I had a witness today (Thanks Gabe).  As we continued to work our way upstream we noticed a really nice trout feeding pretty regularly.  I threw out at him and he took the fly after a dozen or so casts.  I didn’t even realize how big he was until I set the hook.  This fish was a PIG.  He ran my line like crazy straight down river.  I continue the back and forth battle with him for at least five minutes.  Right when I would think he was finally worn out, he would start another powerful run.  I finally started to get him tired out and brought him in.  As we were getting ready to net him he rolled and somehow lodged my other fly (I was fishing tandem) into his tail.  When he straightened his body out again the line snapped and he was gone.  I was so close to landing what was easily the biggest cutthroat trout I have ever had on my line in my life.  He was at least 24″ and THICK.  He made the rest of the fish we had caught look small.  The good news is I know he is still in the river and still out there to be caught.  I have also found that my desire to go fishing is great motivation to getting my homework finished early.  Tomorrow it’s time to get back to the Henry’s Fork.