Another Epic Day of Idaho Fly Fishing

A couple of days ago I was invited by a friend to go and do a little carp fishing.  I love carp fishing and was excited to give it a try, especially since I have never caught a carp during winter.  I had a lot of fun catching them last spring and was hoping for the best.  We arrived at the river a little after noon and were on the water shortly after.  The spot we picked to go fish also holds a lot of nice trout.  Chris headed over to a spot where he has seen carp before and found a few sitting on the bottom.  He started casting and ended up hooking into this beautiful rainbow.


I was excited to see such a nice fish and was hopeful that we would get into a few more.  We were not disappointed!  While Chris was  taking a couple pictures and releasing his fish, I took a couple casts into the new found honey hole.  As I was walking away and dragging my line, I hooked into a decent 16″ rainbow, which ended up being pretty average sized fish for the day.  I continued working my way up river in search of some carp and spotted a few.  They weren’t real interested in what I had on so I switched to my old standby.  By this time, Chris had come up and was fishing to the carp too.  He managed to hook into a nice one and invited me over to join him.  A few minutes later I hooked into the fattest carp I have ever caught in my life!

After Chris and I each landed a carp, the fishing for them started to slow down a little.  Chris had a couple friends with us that were doing really well bow fishing.  Together they got at least ten and had a lot of other missed shots.  We started fishing for trout a little more and Chris ended up with a couple more nice rainbows.

It was getting close to time to leave and I was really hoping to hook into a good sized rainbow.  Chris let me use a streamer pattern he had been catching them on and I went on the search for a big trout.  I headed over to the first hole Chris was fishing and started throwing out.   A few minutes later  I had a huge hit and knew that it wasn’t another small rainbow.  I ended up landing this great rainbow!

Overall it was a great day of fishing, by far one of the best fly fishing trips I have had in a while.  I can’t wait for spring to show up, but in the mean time I’ll keep trying my hand at winter carp on the fly.



3 thoughts on “Another Epic Day of Idaho Fly Fishing

    1. Cindy

      Awesome and stupendous also!! Those are beautiful fish…..even the carp. Any chance on seeing a picture or name of the carp standby and the rainbow streamer? Thanks for posting this trip to your blog. It gives me hope for spring.

  1. All I can really say is wow. Those are some gorgeous monster bows, and that carp looks like something from a horror movie. I need to leave the small streams alone and find some bigger water.

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