Spring Fishing At Its Finest

It is finally beginning to feel like spring here in Eastern Idaho.  Even though this past winter was extremely mild compared to last year, this warm spell is more than welcome.  I’m no longer clearing ice off the guides of my fly rod every five minutes. The fish are starting to fight hard again and are more willing to move to take a fly.  This past week has provided a lot of great fishing.  Today I headed out with my friend Chris.  On the way up to the river, he threw out the idea that we try another river that neither of us had fished in a while.  I’m always looking for new places to fish and love exploring new water.  The original spot he wanted to try was already occupied by another fisherman so we decided to do a little exploring and head up stream.  The next few couple of hours provided some great fishing and both of us managed to catch quite a few spunky rainbows.

The rainbows in this river are wild and have great colors that show it.  A lot of the fish are getting ready to spawn, so their colors are even more vibrant than usual.  As I continued to work my way up river and onto some of the flats, I started noticing a lot of fish rising on midges.  As luck would have it, all I had on me were a bunch of nymphs.  After losing two different fly boxes last summer, I only carry a few flies on me at a time.  Even though the fish were keying in on dries, we managed to pick up quite a few while nymphing.

Along with the midges, there were a few Skwala Stoneflies hatching.  Next time I go up I will make sure I have a full arsenal of dry flies on me.

A Skwala Stonefly

As the afternoon rolled around I was starting to get pretty hungry so we headed into town to grab a bite to eat.  After lunch we headed up to the next river we had planned on fishing.  After ten minutes or so, Chris hooked into a really nice brown (especially for that river).  I worked my way upstream and managed to get into a few decent browns as well.

A Closer Look At The Colors

As it came time to go, I snapped a couple more pictures of some of the bugs hatching.  I found a Skwala crawling up the bridge and getting ready to hatch out.  I also found a few more midges hanging out under the bridge.  As the weather continues to warm up I know the fishing will only get better and better.

A Skwala Drying Off Under The Bridge

A Midge Trying To Keep From Getting Blown Away

Back In Action!

After being stuck inside with Pneumonia for the past couple of weeks, it felt great to finally be out and on the river again.  The South Fork of The Snake River has been on the rise for the past few days and as a result the fishing has been less than stellar.  With that in mind, Gabe and I decided to hit one of my favorite smaller rivers that is at a little higher elevation, so it hasn’t been affected by the unusually warm weather and rain.  We arrived at the river around 4:00 and started picking up fish pretty quickly. The fish were more than happy to take what we were throwing at them today.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather either.  In the end we ended up with over 30 fish, most averaging 14″ or so with a few bigger ones in the mix.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day on the water!

Out Of Commission…

The past two weeks I have been out of commission with Pneumonia.  Maybe ice fishing all winter with Bronchitis wasn’t the best idea?  Either way, I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands and have spent a good chunk of it tying up my new favorite flies to fish….articulated streamers!  Big fish eat big flies!