South Fork of The Snake Today

I fished the SF of the Snake this morning with my friends Kyle and Gabe.  Gabe had to get to class by 11:00 AM so we started out pretty early.   By 8:00 AM we were on the water and it was still pretty chilly. We were cleaning ice off the guides every few casts for the first little while until it started to warm up. The fishing wasn’t too fast but we ended up with a few browns and a whitefish. Not too bad for a couple hours on a pretty cold morning.  Most of the browns were between 14″- 16″, with one dinky guy.  Most of the fish were caught in pretty slow water on a rubber legs.  The  first three browns were caught out of the same slot within the same 10 minute period as well. It was my first time out on the open water in a while and I am looking forward to spring quite a bit now and not having to clean the ice off my guides. I think the higher flows on the South Fork have been helpful to the fish this winter. Most of the fish I have been catching are fat and healthy compared to last winters skinny browns. I also think it’s crazy how much each fish’s appearance can vary from one another even though they are in the same river system.  The first one I caught had a lot of Gold and a normal amount of red spots.  The second one wasn’t quite as gold, but its spots had some great color.  The third one had very little spots at all almost had a blue tint to it.  As I was leaving I also saw a few bald eagles sitting in a tree waiting for an easy meal to swim by.

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