A Few More Perch

This weekend has provided another great round of perch fishing.  I have spent a lot of this winter focusing on learning how to be a better perch fisherman through the ice.  One of the key things I have learned is how important your location is.  If you aren’t getting into any fish in the first 5-10 minutes, there probably aren’t any perch where you are fishing.  This is not always the case and a camera or flasher makes it much easier to determine if you are fishing in the right spot.  With that said, I decided to hit another one of my favorite lakes for perch the past couple of days.  It took me a couple of hours to find the fish but as soon as I did the fishing was pretty fast.  Last night I kept four and through the rest back.  They were averaging 11″ and up.

Since the fishing was so great last night I decided to go back again early this morning.  As soon as I dropped my line down I started getting into the fish.  I ended up landing a dozen or so perch and a nice trout.  Around 10:15 or so the fishing started to slow down and I packed up and headed out with another four that I decided to keep.  I’ll be back again Monday and I am hoping I can catch some over the 13″ mark.

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