Another Great Day On The Ice

Yesterday I decided to hit one of my favorite lakes to catch a few perch.  I arrived around 12:30 and started my search.  When I first put my camera down I immediately started seeing perch but they were all pretty small (2″-3″).  After not getting any nicer ones to come in I decided I try another spot that has produced well for me before.  I popped  a few more holes but there weren’t any fish to be found.  I continued moving until I finally got into a couple perch after two hours of not even a bite.  I thought I had found the school but after landing a couple little guys (6″-7″) and no more bites I decided to move again.  This move paid off and I started catching fish immediately.  The first couple were only 6″-7″ but the third  was a nice fat fish pushing 11″.  I decided to do a little “Ice Trolling” so I could keep up with the moving school and punched a dozen holes every 10-15 feet.  Over the next 3 hours I ended up with over 35, and a dozen or so that I would consider keepers.  Average size was around 6″ but I caught fish everywhere from 2″ to 11″.  One of the coolest parts of the day was watching a monster perch come in and completely swallow a smaller one.  The fish was at least a foot but he didn’t even look at my jig.  What started out as a slow day of fishing ended up one of the best days I’ve had all year!


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