Winter Thus Far…

It’s been a long time since I have gotten around to updating my fishing blog so the last couple of posts were more pictures than anything.  This winter has provided a lot of great ice fishing.  I have been able to ice fish over a dozen different lakes and reservoirs this winter and have a few more new places I plan to hit.  One of my favorite places I’ve fished this winter was Henry’s Lake. It was by far one of the most memorable ice fishing trips I’ve ever had.  I was able to land over 40 fish, all averaging 18″+.  It is hard to find a fishery like that anywhere.  I have also tried a lot of new places this year like American Falls Reservoir and Island Park Reservoir.  American Falls was plentiful with perch but nothing over 6″.  Island Park was a lot of fun and I had bites consistently all day long.  When the larger bodies of water are slow there is always Roberts Gravel Pond and the Rexburg Nature Ponds. Both places have steady action all day long any time of the day.

I’ve also been able to get out and throw some flies on the South Fork of the Snake.  The river is flowing a lot higher this winter and it has made for a little bit tougher fishing but if you put your time in it can be rewarding.  I’m hopeful that the ice will stick around for another month or two and that I can have a few more days of good winter fishing.

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