Last Saturday I had a family reunion down in Soda Springs and decided I would try to do a little carp fishing while in the area.   As I pulled up to the lake and got out and looked around the carp were everywhere.  I rigged up the 8 wt with 0x tippet and threw on a trusty San Juan worm.  I found myself a tailing carp out of the hundreds to pick from and it didn’t take to long for the action to begin.  I only stayed and fished for about 45 minutes because I had a few other waters I wanted to scout out, but I made plans to return in a couple of days.  Well today was the day I went back with a couple of guys from the Big Fish Tackle online fishing forum.  The conditions were a lot different than I was expecting.  Wind was blowing hard and the water was very off color in comparison to Saturday.  The water had also risen over a foot and the fish were feeding right on the bank, too close at times to even cast to.   Despite the poor conditions, we were able to land a few fish.  The fly of the day was the San Juan worm once again.  I ended up catching five or six total.   The numbers weren’t there for me today but a couple were pretty decent sized fish.  Hopefully next time the conditions will be a little bit more conducive to catching good numbers of fish.

One thought on “Carpin’!


    Gotta love those “fresh water tarpon”. Strung up a bunch a couple months back while testing out my new stick. Wasn’t planning on carpin’, but when the oppurtunity is there….

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