In Between Hatches

The Salmon flies have officially been finished in the lower Henry’s Fork for a good week and a half now and the fishing has changed a little bit.  There have been a few PMD’s in the air and even some flavs beginning.  A few golden stones are flying around here and there as well but overall the fish haven’t been looking up to the surface too much lately.  Water levels have been up and down for a while now and the past couple of days are the first few days of stability in a while.  With the fluctuating levels, nymphing with san juan worms has been deadly.  As the levels are beginning to stabilize nymphing in your standard trout holding water has picked up quite a bit.  Fishing with streamers has also been very effective on the overcast days we have been having.  I’ve even been picking up a few fish swinging streamers in the flats again.  It should be any time now that the bugs really start popping and the hatches are on for the summer.  In the mean time I’ll keep nymphing and try to pick up some more nice Henry’s fork fish.  I had one evening about a week back that the fishing was on fire.  Nearly every time my san juan worm hit the water the fish were nailing it.  I ended up landing seven fish total, the smallest being 15″ but the rest averaging around 20″.  A couple nights ago I was also able to hook into a few really nice fish swinging streamers but only managed to bring one to hand.  As the flows continue to stablize and weather gets warmer things will only continue to pick up.

2 thoughts on “In Between Hatches

  1. Sam H

    Was just wondering if the flavs have gotten going yet? Any grey drakes? Anything going on on the upper river yet green drakes brown drakes? Heading up that way on Tuesday or Wednesday.
    Sam H

  2. Sam Heikkila

    Nice report nice pics!! I am going to be heading up to spend a few days on the fork next week, and was just wondering if the flavs are coming off in good numbers yet? Also any signs of grey drakes yet? any signs of drakes of any sort brown or green on the Ranch area.
    Sam H

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