Who says you can’t catch fish during runoff?

With the warmer weather and rain most of the rivers have been running fairly high.  For the most part, most rivers have been quite difficult to wade.  Lucky for me I have been able to find a great little river that has been producing plenty of fish on a very regualr basis, high or low water.  It is not a river known for having very big fish but there is the occasional lunker.  I have fished it nearly every day for the past couple weeks and have caught at least one decent fish each time.  This river has a healthy population of rainbows and browns in the section I was fishing, as well as plenty of whitefish.  Fish average 10″-12″ but 15″ fish are not uncommon and you can even land the occasional 20″+.  My biggest on the river so far was a 21″ rainbow.  This post is a couple weeks late but that is because I didn’t want the whole place to get rushed since it was literally one of the only rivers you could fish during runoff and I had most of the place to myself!

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