Caddis on The Fork

With the warmer weather I was hopeful that some caddis would be coming off.  When I arrived at the river not much was going on so I decided to change spots.  As I drove to my next spot and got out of the car I saw many caddis starting to fly around.  I walked up to the flat I wanted to fish and didn’t see much action going on up top so I started throwing a nymph rig.  Eventually a couple fish started rising on the caddis, despite the windy weather.  I decided to switch to a dry fly rig and try my best to trick one of the finicky trout.  The first couple patterns I tried werent too succesful but the third did the trick.  I got a strike quickly from a decent sized fish but unfortunately missed him.  Undettered I continued throwing my fly at him but he felt the hook once and wasn’t interested in feeling it again.  I decided to move and found a few more risers and managed to pull a little dink out of the pod.  Eventually my fly became too wet and it wasn’t floating at all.  Unfortuately for me I had no floatant and I was getting tired of changing flies every couple minutes to keep them floating, so I switched back to a nymph rig.  I decided to swing a hares ear in front of some of the risers.  I missed a few hits but evetually landed a nice fat rainbow.  Not many fish were caught but it was a fun day on the river.

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